Architectural Lighting / Outdoor Lighting / Decorative Lighting

XENKO offers different types of architectural lighting, decorative lighting, and outdoor lighting with excellent quality and competitive prices. We believe that our products will be suitable for all the residential, commercial, and hotel uses.


Architectural Lighting

  • Downlight (recessed downlight, pendant downlight)
  • Ceiling mounted spotlight
  • Wall mounted spotlight
  • Floor spotlight
  • Track light, cable lighting
  • Emergency light
  • Sport centre light
  • Stage light
  • LED light


Outdoor Lighting / Urban Lighting

  • Outdoor lamp, ceiling light, wall light
  • Garden lamppost
  • Garden bollard light
  • Outdoor downlight, spotlight, floodlight
  • Urban lamppost,
  • Urban light column
  • Urban bollard light
  • Public space floodlight


Decorative Lighting

  • Table lamp, bed side table lamp, desk lamp
  • Floor standing lamp, light column
  • Floor lamp, portable lamp, lantern
  • Pendant lamp, chandelier
  • Ceiling light, wall light, picture light
  • Contemporary decorative lighting, traditional decorative lighting